The most useful investment product of Thinkorswim – Tutorial for beginners

Using the Thinkorswim paper trading terminal, you can profitably invest in securities, PAMM accounts, bank deposits or microfinance organizations. But what should beginners stop at?

Studying the stock market and the work of special software is hard but rewarding. Knowing all the nuances, you can build capital from scratch, which is what every beginner in this field strives to do. This short tutorial will be the first step in understanding the science of trade in the largest stock market on the planet – the American one.

ThinkOrSwim platform from the largest broker TD Ameritrade is:

  • Tracking any changes in the economy and politics of countries by using the news feed and calendar;
  • Customizable graphs to facilitate asset management;
  • A large number of indicators, training on the topic and other educational materials;
  • 2 operating modes – a kind of trial version of Paper Money and full Live Trading.

There is everything for a beginner to start self-development in the field of the financial markets. The main thing required from the beginner is the desire to comprehend not only the basics but also to learn something more, which at one time all the most famous traders and brokers of the world learned download Thinkorswim.

What is an investment product?

When investors decide to invest their money somewhere with the expectation of profit, they choose a certain investment product. The choice is limited only by the risk management of the investor and the profitability of the product – it is not profitable to invest in low-profitable ideas, because there is a chance to spend money practically for nothing. Investment products include:

  • bank deposits;
  • securities;
  • investment programs of microfinance organizations;
  • PAMM accounts, etc.

Choosing an Investment Product at TOS

The most useful products on all trading terminals are stocks, bonds and futures. To increase the possible profit from securities, it is necessary to respond in time to the slightest changes in the market. The most profitable deals are usually made with American bonds, when investors sells them and new investors correctly assess the risks. Thanks to real-time tracking of price fluctuations on ThinkOrSwim charts, traders are able to react and invest money on time.

Attention: taking into account the importance of securities for the global economy, it is necessary to assess how secure the company is before investing.

Not the most profitable, but not the most risky way is to invest in a bank or microfinance company. If you choose the correct, time-tested organization, which is trusted by thousands of investors, you can get a stable income, albeit in smaller amounts. TD Ameritrade broker clients have a minimum initial deposit of $ 500.00! But this option is only for US citizens.

ThinkOrSwim also offers the option to buy virtual currency. However, pure cryptocurrencies are not there, only cryptocurrencies in the form of CFD are available. Income from selling Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple can be thousands of US dollars!

Attention: It must be remembered that the value of any investment product is not guaranteed by the state. It is necessary to carefully assess the risks in order to avoid losing the amount of the main investment. Before the investment, familiarize yourself with all the available information about a particular product.


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